said about charlotte

"We have utilized the services of Charlotte Hagard in strengthening the way we use LinkedIn. Tieto being a consultancy company need to mirror the expertise, skills and breadth of knowledge that we possess in order to generate new business as well as for our customers to easily access what we can offer. 

Charlotte conducted a number of workshops in the company with different target groups. Her insights, experience and understanding of what is generating value, examples of does and don’ts and individual feedback was highly appreciated. I would also like to highlight Charlotte’s personality and attitude, it is a joy working with her as well as participating in her workshops."

Jesper SmithHead of Human Resources at Telekom Austria Group (fd HR-director Tieto)

"Through her genuine and honest feeling for people with a professionialism beyond the ordinary, a lecture with and by Charlotte Hågård is unforgettable, it definitely puts everyone on track. Fredell has been working with Charlotte for many years and a workshop och speach by Charlotte is an experience that spreads knowledge for a long time.  Besides lecturing, I have engaged Charlotte on several occasions in conjunction with executive conferences, management teams and many different meetings with colleagues. We have increased our skills while we have brought tools to everyday life. "

Carina Troedsson , HR-director/ Quality manager Fredells Byggvaruhus