Linkedin för företag

LinkedIn has become career-minded professionals’ most important personal branding tool. Not having a LinkedIn profile today sends a message that you aren’t serious about your career; but just having a profile is not enough.
Executives need to understand how to use LinkedIn to manage their career. They need their profile to stand out from myriad others and attract the attention of decision makers. They need a connection strategy that will rocket them towards their goals. And they need to know how to integrate LinkedIn into their social media strategy.
Companies get it.

At Reach, our corporate clients understand that LinkedIn is a valuable resource their talent can use to do their job better while increasing their value to their team and organization. We’ve been working with talent at Fortune 100 companies to help them maximize LinkedIn for their success and the success of their organization. Now, we’re bringing what we learned – and what’s in demand at many of the world’s most important companies – to you.